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Fall '17 Chem 5, Professor Ragusa
Fall '17 Chem 6, Professor Ditchfield

Winter '18 Chem 5, Professor Epps
Professor Wilcox

Spring '18 Chem 6, Professor Mirica
Professor Winn

Welcome to the Dartmouth General Chemistry Web site

This site contains information about the General Chemistry program at Dartmouth College. You are also invited to visit those General Chemistry course sites linked to this page. (Some instructors have independent course sites available through Canvas and only to Dartmouth students enrolled in their course.) Please note that some of the content is in PDF format, and you will need to have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed to view such files.

About the program

Course descriptions
What you need to know (and are you well prepared for Chem 5?)

Help for students

Academic Skills Center Video: Learning Strategies for General Chemistry
How to Succeed in General Chemistry
Dimensional Analysis and Units
Using Significant Figures
General Chemistry Laboratory
Study Groups

Course Policies

Honor Principle
Lab Section Switches
Exam Calculator Policy

Archived course Web sites

(None are currently available.)

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